A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Shikaka is a capricious deity that changes their will often and does not forgive. Pray to the right symbols and your tribe will live, but do not pray to the wrong symbol or ye shall suffer their wrath.


  • Massive local multiplayer game (join the game with your mobile devices when connected to the same network, or just use different keyboard keys) coded by @jfcamposv
  • Beautiful 3D art by @ricozalejandro and @ricoalbe.
  • A spoiled but not too powerful deity coded by @davericoz.
  • The amazing sounds that come out of @jesusjfern's mouth.

You have to tap (or press a key) when the totem has the symbol showed on the dark screen.

When there's more than one, you have to press when the first symbol is on, then wait for the next one and so on.

And if only one player fails, Shikaka's wrath comes down on you all (and it starts from scratch).

Game mostly made during one night at our local Global GameJam site.


Shikaka_Win.zip 11 MB
Shikaka_OSX.zip 12 MB