WASD or arrow keys to move

art and music by me
flatgame made for FLATGAME Annual 2016

Whenever I go to a new city I find myself starting recognize some places, and then rediscover them when going a different way, maybe walking and driving between two places is entirely different, and just seeing the street from the other end makes everything seem new and known at once.

This flatgame is about that disorienting feeling and how my zoning out when riding in a car makes me not know most parts of the paths I take by car.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsBlack and White, calm, Cozy, Cute, Exploration, Hand-drawn
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, Textless


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love the visuals c:


Nice game. I notice you colored the unity loading screen with your itch.io page color. How did you do that? I want to write a quick guide so others can do that. Thanks


Unity 5.5 allows some customization of the splash screen. It's on the player tab on the build settings screen, or in edit>preferences>player. I just gave the same background color there and on the itch page. It's cool you noticed :)


Very pleasant. Music especially. I've lived in Halifax for almost 20 years and sometimes I'll find myself going down a street a different way than I ever had before for the first time. Weird feeling.