Tiny update in Android build-form


I hadn't really touched this game for three months after the gamejam I made it in, but I had a few more things hadn't originally made it into the game and decided to add these extras. I had changed the project to be a Android game now, and will probably soon update the HTML5 version accordingly (because it's vertical now, and all), but I think it's best played on your phone.

Thanks a lot to everyone playing this, and specially to the people who've decided to chip in a bit of money, I really appreciate it ❤

PS: I've made another game this week for the #7DBL (but didn't make it in time for the jam). It's a super confusing tiny roguelike-thingy about selling flowers and kinda trying not to kill anyone, and it's all in a very confusing way to write Spanish, so it should be fun. You can play it here: https://ricoalbe.itch.io/ylaflore


Golfito_0.2.1.apk 26 MB
Jun 10, 2019

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